Yr 2014

So it's another new year!  We have well and truly welcomed 2014 in my household.  Last night we went to one of my very best friends for a fantastic New Years Eve party which included play time in their new (and sparkling blue new) pool.  We left after a very decent 12.15am stay which is pretty good when you consider (a) my little ones had never stayed up that late (b) my husband was working and (c) I was sick with a cold but soldiered on!

So this afternoon we headed back there again to help with the final clean up, another dip in the pool (and boy it was much colder today) and dinner of party yummy leftovers, including my trifle :0

So I don't do New Year Resolutions.  They've just never worked for me.  But I do have one thought for this year.  To do all things with love.  So I had a little play in My Digital Studio (MDS) and designed myself this:

I'm very new to MDS but proud of myself for even this basic little graphic.  I purchased the 'When the Clock Strikes Twelve' Ensemble and put it all together.  Wow, I might even get the hang of MDS in 2014.  Maybe that should be my challenge (just not my resolution)!

You can get this Ensemble at my online shop here and you don't forget you can try MDS for free!!

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