Yes, my blog title is called 'Aachoo'.  It's fitting really as I sit at the computer sniffing and sneezing!  On Christmas morning my oldest son woke up with a nasty cold.  Not the best thing to have on Christmas Day.  After the opening of presents, he went back to bed where he stayed most of the day.  Don't worry all his Lego that he received from Santa was close by.  He perked up by Christmas dinner time which was a relief.

Unfortunately that cold of his is the gift that keeps on giving.  Both myself and my husband have colds now.  Not the ideal thing to have during summer.  Oh well, hopefully it will go on it's merry way OUT of my house in the next day or so! 

So it's rather fitting I show you this beautifully designed Christmas Tissue Box that I was given by my lovely friend Beck Tierney.  She makes the most beautiful punch art items!  This tissue box was made following the directions of a tutorial she purchased at Paper Punch Addiction.  What a discovery that site is!

Elf Surprise

Mrs Claus

Moose (although I thought he was a reindeer!!)

Jolly St Nick
Aren't they the cutest things!  Beck showed us how to make Santa Claus.  He is the cutest thing.

Anyway, excuse me now I'm heading back to the couch and a box of tissues!!

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