Fit for a Princess

I needed a card.  Quick.  Fit for a princess, well a fairy princess really.  Quickly.  Did I mention quick???

Over the last two week's I've been suffering with an upper back aggravation (of an old injury).  Sitting at a desk has been very difficult, and so my card making has suffered a little bit.  So I googled Handmade cards, using key words 'girl, fairy, princess, quick'.  And I found the perfect card!

I found some gorgeous cards based on a silhouette of a dress.  They kind of reminded me of the Princess cards I made a few months ago, but quicker :)

I used some bright pink card that I had in my stash, and drew the outline of the dress.  No tracing, no use of something circular, just from point to point (not too bad if I do say so myself!).

I cut a little slit on the fold of the card to insert a strip of satin ribbon (white - not that you can tell in the picture) and tied into a long sash.  I added sequins for the hem and little pearls for the top of the bodice.

Add a birthday sentiment and the card is done.  Told you it was quick!  Perfect for a little girl turning four having a fairy princess party.  Jess was most excited!!

The original card can be found here at madigan made. Enjoy!

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