Happy Easter

Just popping in to wish you all a Very Happy Easter.  At the moment, I have children playing with toys and/or their Easter Eggs.  Jessica especially!!  She keeps sneaking off and hiding into corners eating more and more chocolate.....  As for me I'm currently surrounded by three computers as I continue to sort out our computer chaos!! 

As for me, I wanted to share a few of the Easter Cards I sent to my family this year.  All of them use different forms of punch art.

I just love this card.  It's actually the inside of the card showing a cute little bunny poking its head through the hole....

Bunny bottoms are so adorable with their little tails!!

Another cute little bunny.  Again all using simple punch art designs.

Easter chicks hatching out of their eggs.  Eggs were made using the oval punch and cutting a zig-zag pattern across.

I'll be back tomorrow with a final presentation of my Easter art for 2013.

So I hope you and your family are enjoying your day too.  I love Easter for all its traditions!

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