A Rainy Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all the romantics (not Happy Hallmark's Day as my WH calls it!).

A funny sort of a weekend though here in Canberra. It started raining on Friday night and it's only just stopped raining at 5pm on Sunday afternoon. Our place is waterlogged and muddy!! If we had a garden, I'm sure we would have been more joyful. Unfortunately with no garden as yet, and having to cancel the concrete delivery on Saturday, we wished the rain had of waited a day or so :o)

My big boy Luke took some photos of the local creek which is SO flooded. In my 11 years of Canberra, I've never seen it this full!

Don't you love his photography style? Just hanging out the front passenger window of our car!!

I took a photo of my gardenia plant. Of the few pot plants we have, these seem to be loving the weather lately and smell heavenly!!

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