Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!

My Valentine's weekend has been pretty cool so far!! I saw the movie Valentine's Day with a good friend of mine and then headed into town for dinner. A girl's night out with a chick flick, can't beat that!!

This morning my husband and I exchanged gifts. I think this may well be the first time ever, as my WH prefers not to celebrate what he calls "Hallmark's Day" but usually will give me a bunch of flowers the following day!! Maybe my hinting has paid off, as he gave me a beautiful crystal teddy bear from Swarovski and a special card. Luke tells me he had lots of fun helping his dad pick!!

I (am not so creatively minded when it comes to choosing gifts for men). I bought my husband a book (one I know he'll like but that's not the point) and I had this Valentine's Card in my stash to use. He liked it!!

So I hope you have a lovely day too and enjoy the romance all year round, not just for one day!!

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