Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mums out there! And importantly, I'm sending my own Mum Happy Mother's Day wishes, all the way to The Netherlands.

My apologies for not posting more Mother's Day items the last day or so, we are having huge technical dramas! In simple words, no internet connection. And if we do, the internet speed is slower than the good-old days of dial up. Frustrating! For example, I turn the computer on, open email. Make a coffee, hang the washing, and then see if the email system is working! And trying to do anything, open pages or even visit websites is even slower. It took us over an hour to order a pizza on Friday Pizza Night!

Mother's Day is all about thinking of your mum's and doing that little bit more for them. Personally for myself, I am happy with a bunch of flowers, a new pair of PINK slippers and maybe morning tea or brunch somewhere nice! Today I was absolutely spoilt with lots of hugs and kisses from my boys, two pairs of slippers (one pair my Big Boy Luke bought all by himself at the Mother's Day stall at school), a novel and a book about digital photography, a double-CD set and a little key tag "made" by Matthew at childcare. How lucky am I?

We also went out and enjoyed the sunshine and beauty of Autumn at Kingston by the lake. It was absolutely beautiful and we all had a lovely time, from the feeding the swans, having a "picnic", playing soccer and "exploring" the woods!

So happy day to all the mums. I hope you had a day as special as mine!

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