Beaded Flower Fairies

What a lovely Autumn day. My house is clean, the kids are at school and all is quiet. Perfect time for catching up on my projects. Last Friday night was our monthly craft night, and I worked on my project - beaded flower fairies for my niece. My beautiful niece Bella is turning 5 next month and I've volunteered to make all the invitations, party accessories and gifts for Bella and her friends (yes, it is generous of me but really, it was the excuse to work with pink!!!). Anyway, I packed my bag and off I go to our craft night only to discover I left the flowers at home. I didn't get very far with my project, but I did finish the fairies on the Saturday. They are so cute. I've made a few extra for myself!!

These little fairies were inspired from a similar project in the current issue of the Get Creative magazine. I changed a few things (smaller beads for hands & feet, as well as different flower skirts) and added faces, but otherwise the instructions are just the same. I've made them into necklaces for Bella and her friends!

These are a few extra I made that hide beautifully in my Chrysanthemums (flowers I buy myself every Mothers Day!):

I'll be showing you the rest of the projects for Bella over the next few days as they have to be finished and put in the mail this week! Speaking of parties, I better start thinking about Big Boy Luke's 6th birthday and party which is next month too. June, is birthday month in my house. Me, my dad, Bella, Luke, my mother-in-law, my brother, and many of my friends. Gosh, lots of cards to make!!

ps. if you don't have the magazine - Let me know, I'll email you the instructions!

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