Valentine's Tea!

I just wanted to show you my last piece for Valentine's Day 2009 (and by the way I did get a lovely bunch of tulips from my boys). This little project is easy and just calls out for you to grab your special china tea sets and serve up something pretty. Speaking of tea sets ............ I have quite a few that I have collected over the years and keep them in my dressers on display. So it's really nice to actually take them out and use them, instead of the boring every day tea cups and coffee cups.

If you look closely at my jar with loose leaf tea, you'll see little red hearts! It's the perfect loose leaf tea that I got from the tea shop in Gold Creek (look out for the Adore Tea shop). This tea blend is called Romance and it's got tiny little red candy hearts in it. Perfect for Valentine's Day (and no I didn't buy it especially for the day - I'm just a sucker for anything romantic!).

The label on the jar and the heart tea bags are easy to make and uses very little in terms of materials and techniques.

So that's it for Valentine's for another year. I've got lots of other projects to concentrate on now. I've got the Priceless Stamp Camp to prepare for, picking up my scrapbooking album and learning how to scrap, my sewing projects and the usual card making. Too much to do, so little time!

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