Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day or should I use my husband's words and say Happy Hallmark Day!! Either way, I hope you had a lovely day with your loved ones :) I received a very cute picture of a heart from my son Big Boy Luke. Always bound to put a smile on my face!

Tomorrow (when we celebrate in my household!), I am going to give my boys a little box with a chocolate heart inside. I know it's the chocolate that they will be wanting!

They are super easy to make. You can either take an old matchbox and decorate with papers and embellishments, or use an old matchbox as a template to cut a new one. If that's too much work - email me and I will send you the measurements that I have written somewhere or scan it and upload it for you! When all else fails - do a google websearch! There are hundreds of templates on the web - in fact, I have on my Links page a few good sites!

I have made three little matchboxes using different colours and embellishments. And believe it or not - there is no stamping in these ones. Although you can always add stamped image if you want too!

For the pink box, I used the scallop square punch from Stampin' Up!, added little holes to the scallops, ribbon and a button filled with kindy glitz.

For the heart box, I used vellum printed with gold hearts, ribbon, rhinestones and a heart brad.

For the purple box, I used a paper flower and a gold rhinestone.

Hopefully you can also see that each box has a rhinestone 'handle' to make it look like a little drawer!

And of course, each box is filled with a chocolate foil wrapped heart - but you could put anything in it!

Tomorrow will be my final Valentine's piece for 2009. I will be busy working on preparations for Stamp Camp!

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