Welcome back me the stranger that I am! It’s been a hectic week for me! I have been on a course for work putting in 12 hour days at the course and then coming home to put in further study and research (in between reacquainting myself everyday to my family!). The biggest thank you to my Wonderful Husband (WH), my two beautiful boys and my mum who have made it possible for me to do this course. I couldn’t have done it without them – no wonder I love them so much! Unfortunately, I have another week to go ............

What it all means though – is that my craft (oops I mean dining table) is looking rather forlorn and neglected. I can almost blow off the dust and cobwebs! I won’t be looking at it until at least next weekend : (

But ................... (there always has to be a but!). Today is my wedding anniversary. My WH and I have been married for 5 years now and boy have they flown by. In between study and assignments, my WH took me out to a beautiful dinner last night.

The celebrations don’t stop there though! Yesterday was Baby Matthew’s first birthday! Where has that year gone? And yes, you can read between the lines – last year I spent our wedding anniversary in hospital with a new born baby! Baby Matthew is not really a baby any more. He’s crawling like crazy and talking the sweetest baby babble ever!

As time is not in my favour today, I can only show you my card for this week’s Christmas Countdown which relates to using the Solemn Stillness stamp set from Stampin’ Up! for a beautiful but really fast card. Have a go!

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