I'm Back!

I am back! I just had a lovely flying visit to Melbourne catching up with family and friends. And most importantly seeing my mum again! It had been 8 months since our last visit (she's been living in the Netherlands most of this year!)

On Saturday I unpacked all my things to take to a Stampin' Up! party. It was so nice to sit with family and friends and make cards while being social! Correction! I didn't make cards - I instructed and assisted and watched with awe as everyone made their own interpretations of the example I had given. Isn't it amazing how everyone can use the same set of stamps and make such different and unique cards. I love it!

But I did learn today the hard way of flying with your craft stuff. Now when you buy budget airfares with Tiger or Virgin Blue - you have to pay for luggage! We bought 15kg of luggage allowance however we came in heavier at 19kg. I'm not sure how - seeing as we stayed away from the shops! So we unpacked all the heavy stuff (aka my kit bag full of punches, catalogues etc) as well as a few other heavier items! And voila! We came in at 14kg. But.......

Without even thinking about it, I had my two favourite pairs of Stampin' Up! scissors in my kit bag which was now in our carry on luggage! A big no no!! At the security screening point we of course got pulled up! Anyway, they were so good to us! They told us to pack my scissors in a separate bag and go back to the check in counter and check that bag in! Of course, we had to find a bag! We borrowed Big Boy Luke's backpack for my two pairs of scissors and checked that bag in (weighed 0.7kg)!! Hooray we were still under 15kg! And at $15 per kg extra, didn't want to pay the extra!

What it meant though............ all of Big Boy's Luke's toys, snacks, DVD player, movies and drinks had to go in a plastic bag! Real Class!! But nonetheless! It worked and I got to keep my two pairs of scissors!

But today I updated my Countdown to Christmas page. Luckily it was all pre-prepared......


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