Last Days of Free Wheelin'

It's such a sunny day outside - that I actually asked the question: Why be inside doing stuff - when I could be outside instead?? Tonight we're off to NightFest at Floriade which I am really looking forward to. Can Spring get any better than this?

Matthew and Luke are playing in Luke's cubby house and my wonderful husband has just cleaned my car and is now mowing the lawn. The house is relatively clean, Luke made cookies last night - the only thing left is my pile of ironing for the week :(

So instead of making a card today to show off to you all - I am going to remind you that this is the last few days of the Free Wheelin' offer from Stampin' Up!
Finishing on Tuesday 30 September 2008 - you can get yourself a free Stampin' Around™ wheel with preselected Stampin' Up! sets. Want to know more - contact me or check this page out on

It's easy and fun. Why miss out on this special deal?? I've just ordered myself the Christmas Merry Merry Bundle to get a jump start on my Christmas Cards!

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