Grand Final Day!

What a glorious day! It's a beautiful spring day, it's the AFL Grand Final, and the Hawks are winning as I speak (I am not a Hawks supporter but always support opposite the favourite to win (when it's not my team - the bombers by the way!)

Sports update. Hawks won. But anyway, let's focus here!! :)

Last night I started working with the Bloomin' with Beauty set from Stampin' Up! What a clever set! I made some simple note cards with matching envelopes. They are so cute! I am going to set this up as a Stamp-a-Stack! or a Kit to Go! More details will follow I promise!!

Anyway, this morning we were out and about time looking at colour selections for building a house (bricks/roof/gutters etc - you know all that fun stuff!) And we picked up a whole bundle of pamphlets. Some of them were designed to specialise in colour palettes. They are so clever! I am going to borrow some of their ideas and convert to the craft world (as opposed to the building world!!) for me. Stay tuned for that one...

I have also lots of other projects to upload so keep checking back.. Duty calls or should I say Matthew wants to be fed and then needs a bath!

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