Another Angry Bird card

So making Angry Bird cards is nothing new, they are fantastic standby card for young boys.  And when you have a spate of birthdays for young boys - they are my turn-to card!!

Anyway, I needed some cards and I needed them in a hurry.  My son Matthew was invited to a heap of seven/eight year old birthday parties and I left them all to the night before to make, ugh!!

And as you can see, you can make these cards real quick!! I used my punches and circle framelits for these guys.  The beak is a folded square!

I love how you can mix these cards up and give them a bit of personality, just by changing their eye brows and pupils.  So cool.

Anyway, my son Matthew thought these cards were super cool (he doesn't need to know how simple they were!!) and trust me, when you're making this design, you might as well make a few of them at the one sitting!!

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