Paper Poppies

So last week it was Anzac Day, and that's a very significant day for Australians and New Zealanders.

It's a day where my family and I keep to traditions.  We made Anzac biscuits, had a technology ban and spent a quiet day together as a family.  Later that afternoon, my kids and I decided to do some craft together.  At the moment, it's all about the Rainbow Looms and the bracelets they make but I wanted to do something that identified as Australian and Anzac Day.

I adore the work of Lia Griffith. She does amazing creations with paper and she had a Poppy tutorial that I decided to follow.  Using her basic instructions, I pulled out my Stampin' Up! supplies and made poppies!

I used various punches, including circle punches and the blossom flower punches and adapted Lia's instructions to suit.  You can see from the petal detail, there was a bit of folding and snipping paper edges.  I love the new fringe scissors, makes it easy!

I used Strawberry Slush, Old Olive and Basic Black as my colours.  I didn't have any true red but love this colour!

I used my hot glue gun which made layering super easy.  You could always put a pin on the back and make a gorgeous little brooch.

Check out the work of Lia Griffith.  Maybe she can inspire you to make a flower or too!

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