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Seeing the Possibilities Online Class

Our online class, "Seeing the Possibilities," provides all the basics you need to make the most of our new photopolymer stamp offerings: Show & Tell 1 and 2 Stamp Sets. Purchase the bundle and discover how quickly and easily you can line up the stamped images for precision placement with the free online class. Achieve just the right ink coverage and combine images together exactly where you want them with photopolymer. The possibilities are endless!

Divided into six PDF documents, this class includes written instructions, step-out photos, instructional videos, and supply lists for 15 projects.
The following topics are covered in the class:
  • Backgrounds
  • Building
  • Layering
  • Versatility
  • Gift Giving
  • Memory Keeping
PC Instructions
The files will be downloaded as archive files that you can then extract and save on your computer. When you click on the download link, an extraction program will automatically launch. Choose the location where you would like to save the files (be sure to note where you save them). Follow the prompts on the extraction program, then navigate to the location where you saved the files. Click on the file and open.

Mac Instructions
When you click on the download link, the file will be mounted as a drive. Once it is mounted, open the drive and drag and drop the files to the location of your choice on your hard drive. The files can then be opened.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is the target audience for this class?

A: Stampers will love it! The projects range from novice to advanced, and each new stamper can learn a lot from the class. There are even more advanced techniques that even experienced stampers will be excited to learn!

Q: How long will the class be available?
A: This class will only be available through 31 May.

Q: How do I purchase the class?
A: This class, valued at $15, is only available as a free gift when you purchase Show & Tell 1 & 2 stamp sets. Use item #138101 to get the bundle, which includes both stamp sets and the class. 

Q: How do I share this class with my customers?
A: Download the flyer for an easy way to tell your customers about the bundle with the free class.

Q: Why would a customer want this class when there are so many technique videos available online?
A: This online class is much more than a card idea or a technique video. The projects are simple, creative, and cute! The material included is a great resource that gives comprehensive project details in one place, so stop searching all over the internet for the information! This class is being offered as an additional product (bundle item 138101) that a demonstrator can provide to customers as a commissionable resource. It is an exceptional value and gives customers an opportunity to be creative and participate at their own pace.

Q: Are supplies included or purchased separately?
A: Supplies are not included. Supply lists are included on the PDFs with each project.

Q: How do customers get the class materials?
A: Once the class is purchased, a customer needs to log into their online account and access the download the same way they would when ordering a digital download for MDS. The difference is that the file will be a PDF and will open in their default PDF reader rather than MDS.

Q: Can a demonstrator purchase the class and then give her participants/customers a copy of the instructions if the customer has not purchased the class? Are these copyrighted digital files?
A: The class is copyrighted. Only those who have purchased the bundle should have access to the printed or digital form of the files. We hope demonstrators see the value in this resource as a product, and see that it would actually be hurting their own potential sales to print out and give away copies.

Q: How should I promote this product?
A: Tell everyone about it right away! This class will be available now through 31 May. You can post about it on your Facebook page, post it to your blog, or e-mail everyone you know. A flyer is available to make this bundle easy to share with your customers. Don't underestimate how many of your customers are interested in something like this. It's a lot of information for free, and with no shipping involved, they can view the class and begin working on projects immediately! Make sure you take the opportunity to touch base with them later to see if they need any of the products featured to help complete the projects. You could even schedule a time to gather everyone who has purchased the bundle and make a few of the projects together!

Photopolymer Questions & Answers

Q. Will these stamp sets be available in the new catalogue?
A. No, these stamp sets are being featured as an early introduction to photopolymer stamps, and will not be available after 31 May.

Q. Why is Stampin' Up! offering photopolymer stamps now?
A. In the past, the photopolymers we've tested have been prone to yellowing, cracking, too-soft image stamping, and other problems. We are thrilled that we have finally found a photopolymer product that meets the high standard of quality that we require for Stampin' Up! products. We know you are going to find that our top-quality photopolymer was worth waiting for!

Q. How do I store the photopolymer stamps?
A. They come in a cello bag, between two sheets of acetate. One of the sheets is conveniently printed with the stamp images for storage. Our clear-mount cases work nicely to store them in if you prefer. Store them indoors-don't leave them sitting out in direct sunlight. Please note: The photopolymer sets in the upcoming annual 2014-2015 catalogue will come packaged in our clear mount stamp cases. 

Q. How do I clean the photopolymer stamps?
A. Use your Stampin' Scrub and Stampin' Mist just as you would with any stamps. If they ever get dusty or lose their stickiness, you can wash them in mild soap and water. If you use them with Stazon, you can also use Stazon cleaner on them. Remember, use Stazon cleaner sparingly and make sure you do not leave traces of the cleaner on the stamps after cleaning.

Q. What kinds of ink can I use with photopolymer stamps?
A. Our classic ink in the firm foam pads is the absolute best choice. Versamark and Stazon are also OK. Make sure you clean your stamps promptly after use to avoid any staining or damage.

Q. Will the photopolymer stamps stain?
A. They are more prone to staining. Basic Gray and red inks seem to be the worst. Try to clean your stamps immediately after use to avoid staining.

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