Technique Time - Polished Stone

Oh my goodness!  I was archiving files today (trying to do the right thing, moving on from 2012 to 2013) when I saw a bunch of photos of the last lot of Technique Cards I sent to the girls in my team. 

And shock horror, I hadn't shared these here on the blog.  I know I wasn't going to share them straight away as I wanted to make sure they had made their way in mail world.  But then I moved onto new things and forgot.  I didn't make resolutions this year, but maybe I should.  I'm so forgetful sometimes :{

So here they are.  These are cool little results of this technique and really pretty.  I think I made some into cards.  I will have to check, as I'm sure I made one in brown's for a male card, possibly my husband???  Hmmm, that memory of mine.....

The darker card shows off the Delicate Doily that I had stamped and embossed in white absolutely beautifully.  I wish I remembered the colours now.  These blues are so pretty, and I think I've used Almost Amethyst too.  I know I used Pacific Point, Cool Caribbean as well but I can't remember what other blues now. 

The darker image was my first attempt and as I progressed, I quickly learned not to over saturate it too much. 

And I think it's amazing how unique each one is.  There is no wrong here, as each colour-way depends on how much or how little ink and rubbing alcohol you use!

You can join in on the techniques too - either by joining in with my team or following some of the tutorials over at Splitcoast Stampers.  Like this one - the Polished Stone Technique!

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