Mouse Traps

Eek!!  That's what you hear me screaming when I see a mouse.  And I'm not much better at looking at mouse traps either.  But I like mouse traps.  They are good.  They do useful things!!

And well, strangely enough, one of those useful things, is making Note Holders.  Well I tried, I really tried!!  On Monday night, I went to our Avid Inkers SU Team Christmas night where we exchanged Santa gifts, ate the yummiest Christmas food and made ourselves a little project.  WE (yes, the Royal We) made little Mouse Trap Note Holders which required the un-assembly of the mouse trap. Decorate the mouse trap and then reassemble the mouse trap.  Sounds easy???  Well.  Maybe not for me.  After much frustration and bits flying everywhere I then used Crystal Glaze to hold my mouse trap bits in place.  But then I couldn't set the mouse trap.  So my husband kindly took it apart and then assembled it for me.  Properly.  I then lifted the mouse trap bar to put in my note paper and 'Spring' bits flew everywhere.  So after a little tizz, I pulled it all apart (AGAIN), ripped off the now destroyed papers on top and redecorated and re-purposed the mouse trap!

To see the instructions and what a Mouse Trap Note Holder looks like - visit the Creative Pizazz Blog.  To see what I made, keep reading!!!

So, what to do, what to do.  That was the question.  I decided to use a little clip from last years Clip Assortment I had and used the fantastic sticky strip to hold in place.  It's very sticky!!

I've added a flower and button to the top corner.  Some magnet strip on the back and it looks ok!

And it's more easy to use than the mouse trap I think.  It doesn't snap at you!!

And yes, I'm very happy with my now completed project.  Although a disaster at the start, it turned out just great.  I even had some DSP left over to decorate a Bulldog clip.  Noice!!  I"m so loving this Elegant Soiree papers too.  Very noice!!

So if you want to make the project I completed, it's super easy and ask away for instructions.  If you want to make the mouse trap note holder.  Don't ask me.  Just go straight to the Creative Pizzazz blog and ask the designer!!  I'm handing my mouse traps in and looking for new projects!! Although I have to say, it looks mighty fine my project.  The magnet strip on the back means it's now sitting on my computer box and where I will clip my list of things to do!!

Here's what I used:

1.  Elegant Soiree DSP adhered to the front of the wooden block of the mouse trap.  The mouse trap had been sanded prior for smoothing of edges.
2.  Edges have been inked with Gold metallic ink.  Looks great if I say so myself.
3.  The paper flower has been misted with Smooch Spritz (vanilla) and it's petals sponged with a touch of Early Espresso ink.  A blue button has been tied with crochet thread and stuck on with glue dots.

Too easy!!

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