Halloween Fun

It's not quite Halloween yet and it's not really celebrated here in Australia, but to my seven year old, Halloween is something he likes to enjoy.  My own mother will not be impressed but I'm unable to turn down my seven year old son when it comes to having fun!  He's got a costume ready (a non-spooky Skeleton suit) and we chose some lollies for 'trick or treating'.  No parties in this house this year, but we did make a few little goodies to jazz up Halloween.

Introducing our little friends:

Chuppa the Spider, Boo the Ghost and Owl the Bat!!

Do you like my little Owl @ Bat?  Very cute and so simple!!

He's attached to some wrapped lollies and very cute, but refused to stand up for the photo!!  I saw this project on the blog of the Gulfcoast Stamper and we decided to make some too!

Here's what I used:

Spider: Chenille Sticks, hole punch, black marker and lollipops
Ghost: Facial Tissue, thin black ribbon, hole punch, black marker and lollipops
Bat: Owl and Circle Punches, scraps of paper, glue dots and wrapped lollies

Best go back to creating many more, not many nights left to go until we get some a-knocking-at-the-door!!

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