Crafting with Kids

Even though the weather here in Canberra is absolutely glorious at the moment and you just want your kids to go out and enjoy the sun, I had also promised my big boy Luke and a friend, Niamh that we would do some holiday crafting!  So off to the Craft Shop we go to choose paint!

If you're ever looking for craft activities for the kids, painting 3D items and decorating them are just perfect.  Add some glitter, rhinestones or stickers and the kids can create to their hearts content!  Luke &  Niamh painted up my little boxes that I had lying around (for another project, oh well!) and had a great time painting everything else as well, including my table.  Oops!

No guessing, whose is whose!!

And of course, we had to try some card making.  Niamh had never made cards before, so it was a great chance to have a play for her!  We found some scrap papers in my stash and the kids used my wonderful Stampin' Up! punches (they're great for kids too) and made their cards.  A bit of ribbon or rhinestones and voila!  Cards are complete!

And finally one more project, that was just for Niamh. We dug out my Fusion Flowers (gorgeous felt flowers from SU that are now retired) and made hair clips.  They are so cute!

So if your kids are bored, pull out your crafting supplies (OK, maybe just the ones you're happy to part with) and see what you can do with the kids!  Other than buying paint, I didn't spend any more money.  We just used up what I had!!

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