Spring Break

Just thought I would pop in and say enjoy the beautiful weather.  Spring in Canberra is absolutely lovely especially when you visit the local flower festivals such as Floriade and Tulip Top Gardens.

We're all heading to Melbourne tomorrow for the week to enjoy the first week of school holidays with family and friends, as well as introducing Jessica to many members of our family.

Enjoy the week and see you when I return :o) - In the meantime, maybe these photos from today might inspire some creativity ......  I'm already imagining my scrap pages!


  1. I thought you just got back from holidays in Melbourne Caz? do your school hols just start? We are in our last week of hols, back to work next Monday :(

  2. School holidays in Canberra start a week after Melbourne, so we always visit with family in the second week of your school holidays which coincide with ours!!



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