I'm still here!

Yep, I am still here!!!  I'm still adjusting to the general  hectic and chaos of family life with 3 kids!!  Happily I can report it's all going well and today was the first day my two little ones had an afternoon sleep at the same time.  Joy, Bliss, Rapture!!  I got some stamping done!!

But I am getting some crafting in.  I've been preparing kits, making jewellery, attending stamp classes and making thank you cards! Firstly, I wanted to show some gorgeous necklaces designed by a friend of mine.  I had been admiring them for some time and then she showed us how to make them.  How lucky am I!!  We made them a little while ago (try 2-3 months) and I've been meaning to show them off here rather than around my neck!!

The blue necklace on the left is the one I made. The one next to it, is the original necklace and my inspiration (it was also given as a gift to ME. Woohoo!).  The two necklaces on the right were made by my other two lovely crafting friends!!  A little tip for you, don't try to string/thread tiny seed beads after 11pm at night.  It makes for cross-eyes!!

I also wanted to share a wonderful blog and project with you too.  A few days ago, I showed a picture of a gorgeous Onesie gift made by my friend Kerri.  Click here to see the gorgeous pink one we received.  Well, I highly recommend you visit Kerri's blog to see how gorgeous this set looks in Yellow.  Cuteness to the power of 100!!

But dinner duty calls, so I'll be back tomorrow to show all the other stuff.  Woohoo!  What fun!

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