Cherry On Top Award

In this wonderful world of blogging, you make a lot of friends, visit a lot of amazing blogs and you can earn yourself some blogging awards along the way!

Today I received the 'Cherry on Top' Award from the lovely Kerri of Kerri D Designs.

There are a couple of things I have to share to keep this award:

1.  Three things you might not know about me ...
(1) I love to travel and hope to work in Europe one day, preferably Holland.
(2) I have a craft magazine addiction (it's quite serious actually) and getting difficult to maintain due to the lack of storage I have available to store my magazine stash.
(3) I'm a speed reader, hence my collection of magazines and books. 

2.  A favourite photo I have ...

A photo of a pinwheel (fire cracker).  Learning about digital photography is on my list of things to do.  I have figured out this one though (thankfully with the use of a tripod).

3.  And now I can pass this award on to five fabulous people and their wonderful blogs I enjoy visiting....

Michelle - Mishka's Crafty Creations
Steph - Stamping With Steph
Claire - Art with Heart
Sandi - Sandi MacIver Ink & Paper Artist
Amy - Ustamp4Fun

So go on, check these wonderful blogs and creations.  You won't be disappointed

And by the way, Kerri - right back at you with the award too!

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