Anniversary Gift Set

As promised, today I'm proud to show you the Coaster Book I made pictured with the Anniversary card I showed to you yesterday!  I'm quite proud of myself, as it's all my own work - no copying or case-ing from anywhere.  I'm currently working it up as a tutorial for the next monthly workshop which shows just how much I like it!!  Here it is:

You might note there are ribbons 'sticking out' of the book ... they all form part of the inside!  Yep, it's a surprise for now as I've got to finish writing inside the book, but it's essentially finished aside from my writing a few words.

Notice the scrunched up flower on the book?  That was also made from the cream coloured envelope I recycled!  And look how different it looks to the one on the card!!  That's because I used different techniques!  Cool, huh!

Anyway, a short message today as I've got a shocker of a headache!  Comes from not having a lot of sleep last night.  Ah, the joys of having a newborn.  Might have a nap sometime today!!

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