Some Birthday Cards

Lucky Me (!!) celebrated another birthday over the weekend.  While having a new baby is the focus of our household, my two boys loved having another birthday to celebrate.

We started with lemon & sugar pancakes (yummy), birthday presents (wrapped in a plastic bag - thanks boys) and handmade card/picture from Luke.  Lots of cuddles and kisses too from Matthew and Luke.

We all headed to the local club for lunch, which gives my WH and I a chance to sit down and enjoy a meal, while our boys are amused by the Kids Club when not eating!

Later that afternoon, we were visited by our lovely friends who also came bearing gifts.  And I love what they gave me: flowers, chocolate Tim Tams and a bottle of pink Champagne.  What more could a girl ask for.  My WH's dad & wife also came bearing gifts. Sticky bun and a beautiful bunch of tulips (they know the Dutch part of me).  So yep, truly spoiled for my birthday!!

I also wanted to show a couple of birthday cards I received in the mail.  God bless the postman!!

from my local craft shop ladies:

from Kate:

Told you I was a lucky girl!!

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