Introducing Jessica & Baby Cards

To say thank you seems so inadequate sometimes.  We have been so blessed by our friends and family, with gifts, cards, well wishes, emails, messages, phone calls since the arrival of little Jessica.  And even before that, I was given two baby showers and lots of gifts in the lead up to her birth.  As you can imagine, I'm making a lot of thank you cards.  So thank you everyone!!

So without further ado, I would love to introduce you to Jessica Maree.  She's our beautiful little girl and here she is:

I also wanted to show you some of the lovely cards that we have received.  I have so many creative friends and family members, that I think all these cards deserve a show off!  Here's just a few of them:

                                        from Annette                                   from Michelle

                                                                          from Trudy

I'll be back tomorrow with some more baby cards.  I'm sure they'll give you lots of inspiration and pleasure too!

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