A productive sort of day

Despite having a shocker of a headache and just under 3 weeks for Baby McPherson to be born, I actually achieved a few things today.  Namely heading down to the local Spotlight store and ordering/paying for our custom made curtains.  I have given up on the idea of making them myself.  Our new house is a house of windows (20 in total), so best left to the experts!!  I got lots of comments today on my T-Shirt I was wearing!!

My mum sent me this T-Shirt from Holland, so you just have to love this sense of humour.  Speaking of Dutch things, I discovered (through Facebook of all places!!), a really pretty and inspirational blog, that also happens to be Dutch.  Check it out for yourself ... Dutch Blue.

Matthew keeps rubbing my tummy and talking to the baby.  Not sure if he's talking to the one in my tummy or the one on the T-Shirt!!

Anyway, I've also been busy preparing kits for June Stamp Club @ Stamp with Me, so stay tuned for details!!

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