How Sweet!!

Today my husband was showing one of his colleagues my main website: and remarked to me (during dinner) that this website needs major updating and in no way shows my best work.  What he was saying (and he qualified this remark) by saying how fantastic he thinks my cards and projects are and how I should be showing them off better, and even changing my style of taking pics.  What is really sweet, is how proud he is of me and was showing off my stuff!!

One example was this little handbag I had made as a cardholder.  Of course, I had to go and see what he was talking about.  This project was one I showed back in February (click this link):

Anyway, the upshot is over the next few weeks I will be updating my Blog and Website.  Maybe a new image, maybe a new style, I'm undecided but it will be a fresh look.  With my about to go on maternity leave soon, I hope to have a few weeks to catch up on house web-keeping!


  1. Very sweet indeed! Lovely bag, it will make a great gift.

  2. Thank you Lyn. I look forward to sending it to my friend :0)



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