Flower Soft

Just thought I would share with you the results of my Introduction to Flower Soft workshop I did on Sunday at my local craft store.  I've been wondering about Flower Soft for over 5 years now when I first saw them in a British craft magazine while working in Cyprus.  I think Flower Soft has been in the UK for sometime but it's only a fairly recent player on the Australian market.

Anyway, these are the cards I made.  Not necessarily my best work or my style of work, but you can see the three-dimensional effect Flower Soft has on your cards!

And the best news is, you too can make your own "fluff" which is similar to Flower Soft.  Click on this link to take you to a website/blog which shows both the tutorial in pictures as well as a video.   And if you want to make your own and customise your colours, just add a few drops of Stampin' Up!'s reinkers.  With all the colours SU has as well as your own tinting, the colours are endless!  How cool is that!

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