Take a break ...

... from scrapbooking and try something else. Don't worry, it's not my motto, just needed to focus on getting ahead for birthdays of families and friends. And yes, I'm behind but only by a few days (thank goodness). I shall try to redeem myself next month (not so many birthdays in February !!!).

Anyway, I made a little gift card purse for my sister. As she lives interstate, it was easier to get a gift voucher for her from her favourite stores, rather than me try to figure out what she has, needs, wants etc....

The gift card came with its own birthday card and envelope, but nope, into the scrap basket for those and time for me to make something! So I made this little gift card purse. I saw a good friend of mine make several last weekend and thought to myself, I can do it too! Here's a picture before I explain any further!! I would only make a mess of it otherwise!!

Hmmm, the colours are a bit dull but I used a light green textured cardstock for the base and covered it with lilac patterned paper. A few folds here and there and the purse is made. I did neaten the corners with the corner punch and fastener by using circle punches and a silver brad. I then added rhinestones and Kindy Glitz to highlight the flowers (only on the front side).

The gift purse opens up to reveal the inside containing the gift card. Here's what I mean:

Hooray, the colours are a bit brighter and more true to what I made. I used some more patterned paper and folded it into a gift card holder, using sticky strip to hold it together (you just can't beat its sticking power) and a circle punch for the notch. I don't have any dimensions for you, it was just fold and see how I go. I folded the cardstock first and then added the patterned paper. Simple really, trust me :0)

Anyway, I hope this present made it safely to my sister before she views this post, otherwise SURPRISE!!

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