More Projects!

It is the first day of the school holidays here in Canberra and I had to drag my big boy Luke to work with me. Holidays for me officially start tomorrow, although I'm not sure if you could call writing uni assignments, holidays!! I have two to write by the end of October and then this unit is done!!

Today I would like to share with you two projects I made over the weekend at a Make & Take here in Canberra. It's nice to be the one sitting in the audience and admiring new craft projects coming our way!! This card uses lots of pink and glitter. What a great combination! Now I just need to find a little girl to give it to!

This little bookmark uses the new product on the craft market called Smooch. It is just like nail polish but specially designed for us crafters. I love it and have ordered myself a few colours :) ... just couldn't help myself of course!

Anyway, I've just heard my WH's car arrive in the driveway, which means my boys are home :0). Happy Days. See you later!!

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