Knitting the day away

It's Friday afternoon, and I still haven't sat down with my boys and made a Father's Day card!! Luckily I had a stand-by card (from last year) to send to my own dad!

I've been busy creating baby gifts for my nieces and babies of friends (born/unborn). Lots of stitching, cutting, stuffing and yes knitting. Pictured in this post is the little Strawberry & Cream hat I'm making for a little dolly I've nicknamed Strawberry Blossom! She's almost finished, she is patiently waiting for her had and her strawberries!!

Hopefully I'll will have have her finished at tonight's monthly craft night. I've been working on her the last few nights when we've had no internet service and very little decent TV viewing!!

I'll post more about her, including the pattern details soon!

Happy Friday!

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