Floriade 2009 in Canberra

Yes, I'm still here. As usual, I have left our tax returns to the very last week and am now frantically chasing up receipts, statements and other paperwork. Of course, having moved house a little while ago, doesn't help the process!! You know what they say about builders, not finishing their own house, or mechanics having lemons (bombs) for cars that break down, well the same can be said for accountants. I leave it all to the last minute.

So rather than share projects with you for the moment, I am going to share some highlights of Floriade 2009 here in Canberra. My most favourite time of the year, especially when you have a Dutch heritage like me!!

A touch of red colour with tulips!

What is it (Floriade!)?

Floriade is the biggest flower festival in Australia, a spectacular celebration of spring, set in Canberra's Commonwealth Park. Anyway, you can find out all the info you want from their website - Floriade Australia.

The family of swans that live at the lake in the heart of the gardens for Floriade!

My son Luke and my niece Bella walking down the path lit up with Chinese paper lanterns (pity it wasn't dark!).

Poppies at Floriade!

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