My Felt Purses

Hooray!! You might remember that several months ago (yes, months), I started making some felt purses at our Monthly Craft Nights. Today I can say they're finally finished!

The felt purses have a big of a story to tell!! As I tell everyone, I am a great copier, I'm not a designer. So when I follow instructions and patterns, that means, I literally follow the instructions. The instructions said I needed 10 cm zips. Do you think I can find them anywhere? Well, not here in Canberra. I did find them on a wonderful website from a handbag designer based in Melbourne, take a look: Nicole Mallalieu Design ( A big thankyou to the lovely girls at Nicole Mallalieu Design who organised my order!!

And then, the instructions showed the hand-sewing of the zip inside the purse. As my purses are for my little nieces, I decided to machine-sew them for extra strength. Ha! What an exercise that turned out to be! First, a bad decision to make when your house is packed up to sell and move! And then, finding the boxes to unpack! Second, my trusty OLD machine is in desperate need of a service (one needle broke, the stitches puckered), so I had to pick up the flash-bang much newer Janome Memory Craft 5000 which is so super-dooper, that I don't know how to use it. Of course, the newer machine had newer fittings, so the traditional zipper foot on the machine didn't exist. As my instructions, are still in a box somewhere....., I had to buy instructions on line. $7.95 plus $6 download fee later, I was able to work out how to use the zipper functions on the newer machine. Only problem, I put it on backwards. (two needles later!). But anyway, it's done! I am sure with practice, I could make so many more with nicer finishings and neater stitching. But I'm happy with my go!!

If you're looking for the instructions for these purses, click here! I hope my purses are worthy! Have a go, it is amazing what you can do with ribbon, buttons and even brads (look close at my butterfly). Oh, and felt of course!!

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