Just saying hello

Pardon my absence. I am currently in Wollongong for my residential intensive component for my Masters study. In simpler terms, I have 1 semester's worth of study crammed into 3 days of non-stop lectures (hence the term: intensives). I am missing my family, but keep reminding myself, short term pain, long term gain!!

I have put most of your Spring Mini catalogues in the mail, except for a couple envelopes still waiting for me to purchase stamps! I haven't been able to get to a post office here in Wollongong. Sounds crazy I know, but our classes are longer than normal business hours!

To see the on-line version of the Spring Mini, visit my home page www.stampwithme.com.au and that will give you the link to the Stampin' Up! page! See I haven't forgotten you!!

Anyway, I'll be back home later this week, full of projects, cards and photos to share.

Have a lovely week and I'll see you when my brain isn't so overloaded!!

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