Using Magazines as Inspirations

I admit it! I am a magazine-a-holic. You can ask my husband if you're not convinced. He's the one who had to move my heavy boxes full of saved and favourite magazines. I try to cull periodically, but it's near impossible when you love them all!! Every fortnight, we get our 'pocket money'. You know the sort - the one you can spend after all bills and everything else is paid. I spend mine on magazines and coffee. They both represent my down time or more appropriately my, me time!

Anyway, what all this is leading to, is the inspiration I got from a current Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine (Issue 19). I like this magzine as it uses all different products and techniques, including Stampin' Up! So when I saw a card using the Upsy Daisy stamp, well I just had to do it.

What makes this card unique, is the double crimping of the cardstock with the main image. Here's a picture and then I'll explain:

Stamps: Upsy Daisy & Circle of Friendship
Green Galore, Yoyo Yellow and Brocade Blue

: Lavender Lace, Green Galore and Whisper White

White grosgrain ribbon, Circle punches & sponge dauber

As quoted by the magazine for the crimping:

Feed your stamped image through the crimper from one end and then turn the cardstock 90 degrees and feed it through again. This technique is called faux seersucker giving the cardstock a puckered texture.

Tip: I actually fed it through 3-4 times, rotating 90 degrees each time, as the 'faux seersucker' look was a bit faint and I wanted to make it more pronounced. The beauty of this, is you can decide how much 'crimping' you need!

I'll see you next visit with more!!

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