A Random Act of Kindness (RAK)!!

One of the nice things about craft, be it paper-craft, knitting, sewing or whatever, is the feeling of community. There are so many groups out there you can join, be it your local craft group or the virtual crafting groups. I belong to a few actually :) I go to my local craft shop to get craft lessons, I organise the monthly craft nights and scrap nights, and I am in the virtual craft world too! I like them all!! One of the yahoo groups I belong to is Stamping Oz Style (SOS). And guess what, earlier this week I received a birthday card from a fellow SOS friend, it's what we call a 'Random Act of Kindness'. Don't you love it! Here's the lovely card I received. My favourite colours too - pink and brown!!

Thank you very much Kerry!

Did you notice the diamond pattern on the brown cardstock. Looks like something I can try with my new birthday present (aka The Big Shot). Just wish I was able to unpack my crafting supplies and play again! Luckily it's monthly craft night tonight and I can play with a little bit of my stuff :)

I have lots of birthday cards I received for show and tell, so I hope to get them all ready to show! I love it!!

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