Busy - MIA

Well, if you've noticed (well I hope you have), I've been missing in action (MIA) from my blog for the last couple of weeks.  Nothing serious to worry about, just been extra busy.  So I thought I might share a few snippets of what I've been up to!

November & December 2013:

So on the first Sunday of November and December, you might have spotted me at the Hall Markets here in Canberra.  I share a stall with two of my lovely friends.  This photo shows just a couple of my items I made and had to offer :)

Last week of November 2013:

My son  Matthew had his 6th birthday late in November.  I made 30 yellow minion cupcakes (think Despicable Me) for his class mates, and we had a party at our local park.  I made yellow and purple minion birthday cakes, and hired the Party with Peggy catering service for a lovely day at the park.  Sad to think my little boy is growing up so quickly, but  he's determined to be a big boy now.  Love him to bits!

December 2013:

Normally I would be sharing pictures of our Christmas in progress, but this week I've been laid up with a flare-up of an old back injury.  A week off work and a week of very little activity while I try to deal with the back pain.  It's been four days now and no improvement, so cross your fingers for me!!  But I did find these fun Christmas pic's on PicMonkey.  Love that website!

Anyway, I've got a few projects to share over the next few days & weeks, so I look forward to sharing with you!!

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