Hostess Promotion Offer

So I'm heading to convention today and I thought why not have a special promotion offer!  Why not share the fun! 

Stampin' Up! have introduced a new Hostess Code which allows all online orders using the same  hostess code to be grouped together as a workshop order.

While I’m away at Convention this week, all you have to do is visit my online Stampin' Up! store and do your shopping online. You will need to enter in the hostess code, which will then group all the orders together.
The special Hostess Code is –   PXVK3PXU

Once the workshop ends, the orders are totaled.  Grouped orders must reach a minimum of $300 of orders to receive Hostess Rewards.  When grouped orders are $400 and over, the Hostess Promotion will kick in and you’ll receive an extra $60 rewards to spend. 

Each order will receive a ticket and go into a draw for the Hostess Reward benefits.
Don't forget you need to put your orders through my online store to take advantage of the Hostess code promotion.
And all orders earn loyalty points with my Stamp with Me Loyalty Club!

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