Crochet Ripple Part 2

Hmmm, well my anticipated and much hoped for progress on my Crochet Ripple lap blanket didn't exactly go to plan.  Back in March, I shared my progress (which I was so proud of) that got stuck when I fell into the realisation of no more wool.  After much googling, eBaying and internet searching, I have decided to start again!

So this is where I'm at.  I've started again and after watching so many other ripple blankets come to life with the rainbow colours.  I've decided to try too!!

 This time I headed to the local Lincraft Store (10 minute drive, unlike the Spotlight drive which takes up to an hour).  And looked for a snuggly wool, that was 100% wool, and Australian!

And I think I've made a few lovely colour selections.  In fact, and as always my 'luck', the wool at Lincraft is on a huge sale, so I'm going to head back tomorrow and stock up on colours.  So I NEVER start a project to find I've not got enough wool!  And besides, it's going to keep me company on my trip to Melbourne!!

And in case you're wondering.  This lovely blanket featuring soft blue, pear green and a lovely brown colour is my stalled project.  Click on this link for the blog post to find out all about it!!  And this time I plan on finishing my rainbow Attic24 ripple crochet blanket. Maybe in time for Canberra winter!!

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  1. De très jolies couleurs!
    mes réalisations sont à voir sur mon blog



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