Product Review - Cookie Stamps

I told you I'd be back!!  I'm away from the computer, but with you in thought!!  Hopefully by now, the weather is  no longer the stinking hot 40c weather but balmy high 20c.  Hoping so anyway!!

Today's product review is the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps.  I love these and my kids do too!!

Yummy and creative, you can make biscuits for any occasion!  Each set includes 3 silicone stamps and a wooden handle.  These are food safe and can be used over and over again.  Recipes are also included.

You may recall, I used Cookie stamps for my gingerbread biscuits, I made with my kids!  We had a lot of fun stamping, cooking and decorating!  Earlier last year, we also made cookies and decorated the bags they were put in.  So pretty!

So click here for further information and to see the full range in the Annual Catalogue.  What will your favourite cookie stamp be?

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