Making gifts (Part 1)

I'm not going to say it, no I'm not.  But did you know there are 125 days remaining for a very special occasion, and a very festive one at that?  No?  Either did I, until my kids used the Sleeps to Christmas app on my phone.  Arrgghhh, I said it!!  So I thought I might show a few of the simple gifts you can make for Christmas (or any other occasion really). 

Decorating binder clips is a great project to use up scraps of your favourite Designer Series Papers that you just can't bring yourself to throw out! 

I made these binder clips as little gifts for my guests at last month's Christmas stamp camp.  They were so cute, especially when I stood them up and put name tags in each of them (sadly I didn't take any photos of the day).

I used my Tombow glue (the large flat end) to cover the clips in glue to attach my papers to.  I then took the extra step and coated them all with a layer or two of Mod Podge to seal the paper.  Once dried, I then tied little strips of ribbon to each one.

There's a lot of tutorials around on how to make these if you like to google.  All are easy to follow.  So go on, have a look around your desk or stationery desk.  I'm sure you'll find lots of clips that are looking dull and need a bit of decorating :)  Even your kids can do this one!!

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