Angry Birds!

Angry Birds, can you believe what a craze they are?  Ever since I got my iphone, my boys have loved everything angry birds.  So when it was my nephew's 9th birthday back in October and my son's 4th birthday back in November, I just had to make some!  And yes, these cards are from my 2011 archives.  Made and sent long ago, found in my photos folder on the computer but not on the blog!

So here they are:

They're very cute when I put the two cards together!

I can't remember what colour of cardstock I used, but the colours speak for themselves.  I used lots of punches and love how I've used some bakers twine to create the slingshot.

If you want to make your own Angry Bird cards, google Stampin' Up! & Angry Birds and you'll find hundreds to choose from. I even found a great cheat sheet that shows some of the punches to use - just  click here!

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  1. OMG how cute are these cards!! Thanks for the hint on the tutorial how to make them!



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