ATC - Birds of Flight

It's a while ago, but I participated in the August ATC Stamp Happy swap, and the theme was all about birds!  And I really enjoyed this one, with the key words relating to the theme being: Birds - owls, feathers, flight.  I do struggle with ATCs, they're minature works of art and totally out of my comfort zone, which is probably why my ATC swaps have a familiarity about them.  So far, I have stuck with what I know.  Next year, I plan on challenging that!!

So without any further ado, here are the lovely ATC swaps I received the other week:

My first swap is by Pam Fuda, isn't it lovely!  I love the little poem of that wise old owl.  My second swap is 'You're a Hoot' by Rikki Showell.  My kids loved that one, something to do with Hoot the Owl!!! And the bright colours!

My third lovely swap is by Theresa Kamp (our lovely ATC hostess), called 'Blue Birds'.  It's so delicate!  A very big thank you to the lovely ladies who made these swaps.  Your talents are amazing! The last swap is my own.  I only did 3 this time around, as my last batch never made it for swapping!  They got sent to four different addresses around Queensland before someone marked them return to sender.  Pity they never reached the address I had written.  Oh well!

Anyway, for more info on my swap, head on over to my blog post!  And I had better start thinking about my next month of swaps!!

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