Just a peg or two...

I love the idea of upcycling, instead of recycling, you re-purpose items for other uses.  Even though not all projects have come together as planned (aka the mouse trap project!!), some projects do!!

Take for example, some simple wooden pegs that you might have lying around the home.  Give them a new life with a bit of paper and embellishments.  I've used the Stampin' Up! current Christmas range of Designer Papers - Jolly Holly!  You'll be pleased with what you can do!!

Leave them plain (like the first peg), of dress them up with bits of ribbons, flowers and buttons.  They're quite cute!!

After Christmas when I 'unpeg' them from my their current use of pegging Christmas cards, I'm going to stick magnets on their back and put them on the fridge.  Magnet Pegs are fantastic for all the bits and pieces of papers you have sticking to the fridge.  You could even go fancy and paint the pegs first.  I didn't get a chance this time ... but there's always another time!!

And by the way, with all the rain we're getting at the moment, there's no missing them on the washing line!!  Using dryer racks inside at the moment.  Who would have thought it's summer and a week before Christmas, crazy?

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