Christmas Card Round Up!

It's the last day of 2010!!  Another  year that has gone by so quickly.  A year full of fun, laughter, new babies, surprises, challenges and maybe a few tears, but a great year all in all!  So to finish up the year, I wanted to 'show off' the beautiful handmade cards that found their way to my mailbox.  I love Christmas with all the 'happy' mail you get, especially Christmas Cards!!

1.  Window Card from my friend Jen &  2.  Christmas Tree bird card from my wonderful friend Cheryl (who also just happens to be married to my dad!)

3.  Ribbon card from my very crafty friend Michelle &  4.  Reindeer card from the very lovely Kate

5.  Tree card from my lovely cousin Frances and her daughter Olivia &  6. Snow card from my friend Annette

7  &  8. Handmade cards from Holland

9. Snowglobe card from the very talented Kerri!

10.  Australian Christmas Card from one of my 'oldest' (in friendship years only!!) friends Yvonne!

I'm sure you'll agree all these cards are very clever and very beautiful.  Lucky me!!

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