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I've had a disaster with my camera! All the photos I took of my project's today have come out blurry! I now have to wait till tomorrow for better lighting to try again. So no new pictures today. Sorry :(

I have been working on my newsletter though, and I hope that one has worked! I have a new newsletter template designed just for me. I hope you like and by all means, feel free to make any comments or give feedback :) I will try to be brave .....

While playing at my table, there were moments of melancholy (yes, I admit it). In one hand I had the In Colours of 2008 and the other hand I had the In Colours of 2009. My heart is still with 2008 but I'm sure the new ones will grow on me more and more as I use them. Although I have to admit, they all blended really well together. Hmmm. Might try something there!!

I was playing/looking/snooping with the US Stampin' Up! website today, and this picture demonstrates the new In Colours so well. They are bright and they are funky. It's going to be a fun year I think!

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