Valentine's Day

Kiss. Keep it Simple! That should be your motto for Valentine's Day - unless you like things to be over the top and if that's the case - go for it! :) Valentine's Day will be very subdued in my household this week as a family loved one passed away today. While we knew it was inevitable and that it was going to happen soon - it always comes as a shock, saddens you and makes you think of all your good memories.

On a happier note, my sister rang to say that she was released from hospital this morning and her little baby Michael was going to be transferred to a local hospital. This is fantastic news as it means Michael is no longer in need of intensive care and can spend his few weeks in the special care nursery, which is closer to home and closer to his family :) I hope to visit Melbourne next week and meet Michael, but I guess we'll be a bit busy with things here at home for the moment.

Anyway, Keep it Simple! That's my lesson for today. I took a plain candle and embellished it with ribbon (Stampin' Up! Purely Pomegranate Double Stitched Ribbon - absolutely gorgeous colour), a heart and a rhinestone. Very simple but very much in season for Valentine's Day. It should look nice when the candle is lit - as long as you remember to take the decoration off when the candle starts to burn down a bit! Here it is .... I hope you like it!

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