My Felt Decorations

We had a great time on Friday night. With all the wonderful rain - it was a stay in night anyway!
Weeks ago - I had found a pattern to make felt decorations and put it somewhere safe.... I went and bought felt and ribbons (as you do). But come Friday night - do you think I could find where I had put my patterns??? Of course not!

I grabbed some Christmas magazines for inspiration and my cookie cutters to shape template and improvised!

My snowman (named Frosty of course) was instantly snatched by Big Boy Luke (BBL) to take to bed with him for the night and I only got him back to take this photo! BBL wanted Frosty - just the way he is and not even with the hat I made. Guess, I could make another one for Baby Matthew! I made a blue snowflake (yes the shape is a bit flowery) and a really cute Christmas Tree. Super easy and I even learned how to do the blanket stitch finally!! Who says you're too old to learn!

That's it - for craft nights - for 2008. Hard to believe isn't it!?! But we've got 20098 to look forward which is just as great! I hope you had a lovely weekend. We sure did :)

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